Maintain - Anyhow

Olu (Olumide Adegbolu), Tolu (Tolu Ogunniyi) & Big Bamo (Adeboye Bammeke) formed the group Maintain which had hits like “I Catch Cold”, “Alo” & “Dormitilla”. After six albums between 1998 and 2004 the group members went their separate ways, to pursue solo careers. Olu Maintain is currently the only one with a hit so far. Tolu lost his wife earlier this year and Big Bamo recently released his solo album. The group was more of a spoof back in the day, using various American hits and adding a naija twits to it to form catchy songs. Some were just for fun while others had political under-tones and messages to the populace. It was a sad thing to see the group split (don’t they all?), but I hope they would come back sometime and give us some ore hits from the maintain vault of spoors. Here is a compilation album of all their various hits.