Onyeka Onwenu - Golden Songs Vol 1

Onyeka Owenu, born 17th May 1961, in Onitsha Nigeria is a woman of many parts. The elegant Stallion (as she is fondly called), ranks among the best artistes that Nigeria has produced. Onyeka has various professional interests outside music. She originally trained as a journalist, with a master's degree in communications.
Onyeka's recording career began in 1981, with the release of her debut album “Onyeka”. This was followed in 1983 with “Endless Life”. In 1985, dissatisfied with the accounting procedures used by Nigerian EMI Records (who had released her 2 previous albums) she set up her own label, Ayolo Records, and released “In The Morning Light”.
Little was heard from her for a period, until she collaborated with King Sunny Ade in the late 80s on “Wait For Me” & “Choices”, a USAID Office Of Population's effort to stem the tide of overpopulation. She is credited with several hits which include One Love, You & I and Dancing in the sun.

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Paul I.K. Dairo - Project I

Paul I.K. Dairo, son of the late legendary juju artist I.K. Dairo, is a notable figure to reckon with in the Nigerian music industry. Paul’s music career started with producing Hip-hop and R&B artists such as Tony Tetuila and Ruggedman. The singer / songwriter / producer, reluctantly did a remix of one of his father’s greatest hits ‘Mosorire’ which proved extremely successful. His style of music involves mixing modern R&B, Hip-hop and house with more traditional African music. “Project I” is his debut album. He may have used his father’s accordion on some of the tracks on this album but he’s certainly multi-talented in his own right.


Ruggedman - Thy Album Come

Born Michael Ugochukwu Stephens,on the 20th of September in Ebem Ohafia, Abia state. Ruggedman studied Political Science at the Lagos State University Ojo. He was shot into fame with the release of his classic diss track “Ehen” from the LP “Thy Album Come”. He is a no-nonsense, speak-my-mind type of cat that stands up for the improvement and promotion of good Nigerian music .His early influence came from NWA, KRS One, Poor Righteous Teachers, Leaders Of The New School, Nas, DMX, Eminem, Dr. Dre and especially all the wack rappers in Nigeria.

Here is his debut album, take a listen and let me know what you think.


Shiikane - Touched This

Shiikane is a new female group, consisting of identical twin sisters Shay, Anna May and younger sister Baby-K. They hail from South East London, but share Nigerian heritage. They write, arrange and co-produce their own songs, which are strongly influenced by R&B, Soul, Rock, Indie and Gospel music. In 2007 Shiikane moved to Atlanta GA to pursue their dream and better develop their skills. While in ATL they worked with various producers and performed at various clubs including Club Crucial (owned by T.I) and the Royal Peacock.
They have since returned to the UK and are working on a new project. Here is their album “Touched this!” Feel free to tell me what you think.


D'banj - RunDown Funk You Up

D’banj whose real names are Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo was born in the Northern city of Zaria, Kaduna State, in Nigeria. He was sent to Nigerian military school at age 11 and was expected to join the military like his father, but at 14 D’Banj picked up a weapon of a different kind; the harmonica. He was introduced to this instrument by his late elder brother, Femi Oyebanjo who tragically died in a plane crash at age 17 on his way en route Lagos from Nigerian Military School, Zaria. His brother’s harmonica was one of his possessions recovered after the crash. His incredible harmonica skills are self taught.
D’Banj is a natural charismatic, energetic and infectious performer that can hold his audience captive for as long as he desires. Without a doubt, D’Banj is the KOKO MASTER


Plantashun Boiz - Plan B

The Plantashun Boiz made up of 3 members namely: 2face, Faze and Blackface, are undoubtedly the most successful boy group in Nigeria. Between 1998 and 2002 they released 2 albums (Body & Soul and Sold Out) and they won just about all the awards imaginable in the Nigerian music scene. In 2003 the group split and they all pursued solo careers. Though 2face was the most successful, the other 2 members had some commercial success proving that the group had some talent. They eventually came back to try and mend their differences with this album. I hope they find a way to sort things out. I sure miss the P Boiz.


TY Bello - Green Land

TY was a member one of Nigeria’s most celebrated urban gospel band- Kush. Her dark eyes, raspy alto voice and her big hair are unmistakable. Apart from music, TY is also an internationally acclaimed portrait photographer. The colours, shades and textures which she captures in her photographs are expressed in her music as well.
TY spared no expense with Green Land. Each song on the album is the uninhibited expression of an artist in an otherwise inhibiting environment. From love, to family to nation, TY bore her soul in words that are bound to capture the hearts of all who listen. She wrote the title track for her countrymen to levitate from a place of despair to a place of hope.
TY is a multifaceted young woman. She stages an annual photography exhibition to raise funds for orphans across the country. She is also a Director of Link-a-child; an NGO dedicated to propagating information on orphanages in Nigeria and soliciting sponsorship on their behalf. Through the songs in her album, TY seeks to take fans through the journey of her life and the lessons she has learnt on that journey.
Here is her debut solo effort.


Femi Kuti - Definitive Collection

Femi was born in London to Fela and Remi Kuti and grew up in the former Nigerian capital, Lagos. His mother soon left his father, taking Femi to live with her. Femi eventually became a member of his father's band.

Like his father, Femi has shown a strong commitment to social and political causes throughout his career, but he differs from his father in his religious views.

Below is a compilation album.


Daddy Showkey - The Ghetto Soldier

Arguably the most popular music icon from Ajegunle, Daddy Showkey, along with the likes of Baba Fryo, Father U-Turn, Junior & Pretty, Daddy Fresh, were amongst the list of artists famous for pioneering music from the Ghetto of Ajegunle. Born John Odafe Asiemo, he broke into the Nigerian music industry with his own genre of music called “Galala”. Trained as a professional boxer, Showkey took to music at a young age, performing in high school talent shows. Currently located in the United States, Showkey attributes his success to his wife who stood by him through thick and thin. Here is his album “The Ghetto Soldier”


Lagbaja - Sharp Sharp

Born Bisade Ologunde in Lagos, Nigeria, he adopted the name Lagbaja (meaning "anonymous" or "faceless one" in Yoruba) as he embarked on his career in the early 90s. His name was reflected in his choice of stage attire – often wearing traditional wears and a mask to represent the "common man" in keeping with the carnival tradition of his Yoruba tribe. He formed his first small band in 1991 in Lagos after he had taught himself to play the saxophone. Their debut album was released in 1992. He is now based in Manhattan, New York. Here is his most current work “Sharp Sharp”