Onyeka Onwenu - Golden Songs Vol 1

Onyeka Owenu, born 17th May 1961, in Onitsha Nigeria is a woman of many parts. The elegant Stallion (as she is fondly called), ranks among the best artistes that Nigeria has produced. Onyeka has various professional interests outside music. She originally trained as a journalist, with a master's degree in communications.
Onyeka's recording career began in 1981, with the release of her debut album “Onyeka”. This was followed in 1983 with “Endless Life”. In 1985, dissatisfied with the accounting procedures used by Nigerian EMI Records (who had released her 2 previous albums) she set up her own label, Ayolo Records, and released “In The Morning Light”.
Little was heard from her for a period, until she collaborated with King Sunny Ade in the late 80s on “Wait For Me” & “Choices”, a USAID Office Of Population's effort to stem the tide of overpopulation. She is credited with several hits which include One Love, You & I and Dancing in the sun.

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  1. Onyeka was born in the early 50's probably 1952.

  2. Yes you are very correct - Onyeka was born on January 2nd 1952 in Port Harcourt. Her father was a parliamentarian in the 1950s.

  3. age is just a number,is wat you av achieved during your time on ur earth