Jambos Express - Mother Africa

For those of us who grew up in Lagos in the 90's, I am pretty sure we are farmiliar with this group and their hit single "Mother Africa" from the album with the same title.  The group was formed in 1986 by four men ,Prince Bola Agbana (the lead vocalist) Sam Abiloye (on guitar), Ottay  Ehima (Bass guitar) and Mosco Egbe (The drummer). The group released this album in 1987  and the music video to this track was frequently played back in the day on NTA Channel 5.

The group played a mixture of various genres from calypso to raggae. The group however suffered a temporary set back in 1989 when Prince Bola left to pursue a solo career. He released a popular single called Are Mambo. Judo George later joined the group for their sophmore album titled "Second Coming", which they recorded in 1989.

In 1993, Jambos Express was signed by a U.S based recording company (G.M Records) to embark on a tour of the US and Canada for 3 months. This tour later morphed into the group members taking shelter in the states for some years.

Sam Abiloye is still very active in the nigerian music industry as he is back in naija  and currently a pastor.

Here is the groups' debut album "Mother Africa"........Enjoy!