Daddy Showkey - The Ghetto Soldier

Arguably the most popular music icon from Ajegunle, Daddy Showkey, along with the likes of Baba Fryo, Father U-Turn, Junior & Pretty, Daddy Fresh, were amongst the list of artists famous for pioneering music from the Ghetto of Ajegunle. Born John Odafe Asiemo, he broke into the Nigerian music industry with his own genre of music called “Galala”. Trained as a professional boxer, Showkey took to music at a young age, performing in high school talent shows. Currently located in the United States, Showkey attributes his success to his wife who stood by him through thick and thin. Here is his album “The Ghetto Soldier”


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  1. Thanks. I like Daddy Showkey after seeing the "Call my name" film clip. I also like lots of other Nigerian musicians including I.K.Dairo