Shiikane - Touched This

Shiikane is a new female group, consisting of identical twin sisters Shay, Anna May and younger sister Baby-K. They hail from South East London, but share Nigerian heritage. They write, arrange and co-produce their own songs, which are strongly influenced by R&B, Soul, Rock, Indie and Gospel music. In 2007 Shiikane moved to Atlanta GA to pursue their dream and better develop their skills. While in ATL they worked with various producers and performed at various clubs including Club Crucial (owned by T.I) and the Royal Peacock.
They have since returned to the UK and are working on a new project. Here is their album “Touched this!” Feel free to tell me what you think.



  1. Their songs are not that bad. They have the talent need to be singers. With their capability in composing their own songs, they can be one of the popular girl singers in the future.

  2. Maybe this girl band can be a successor of TLC, Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child. I am missing the era where girl band get her peak time. I hope they are able to give a different thing in their music.