Evi Edna Ogholi - On The Move

Known as the "Queen of Nigerian Reggae," Evi Edna Ogholi recorded her first album in 1989, a light style of reggae with vocals in her native Isoko dialect. She married her producer Emma Oghosi, and there were rumors of domestic abuse .She established herself all over West Africa and received sponsorship from Pepsi for a Nigerian national tour. Word is, she is currently based in France. Here is her debut album.



  1. Thank you for the memories, but you didn't get it quite right. Evi Enda's debut was "My Kind of Music", released around 1986-7. While it was popular, it didn't sell that well, probably because Nigerias at the time did not know what to make of a woman singing reggae. She later moved to Polygram Records and released "On The Move" in 1988 (not 1889), which did even better.

    By the way, in 1988, Evi-Enda was so popular, she released two albums (yes, two!), the second one being "Happy Birthday".

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