Ras Kimono - Run Fi Cover

Born in Nigeria, Ras Kimono was bred in the Ghetto. As a youth, he experienced oppression, brutality, hardship and inequality, factors that became a major influence on his philosophy as a man; detesting injustice, corruption, favoritism and discrimination
Together with his Massive Dread Reggae Band, Kimono released his debut album, Under Pressure, in 1989 which included the popular single, "Rum-Bar Stylee". “What's Gwan” his sophomore album proved even more successful, with the topics selected including legalization of marijuana, and the need for Africans to intellectually repel colonialism and its arbitrary boundaries between tribes. Most controversially, he was not averse to naming directly those in power he saw as synonymous with backdoor imperialism.

Ras Kimono now goes around the world, propagating unity among humankind, irrespective of color, creed, religion, race or geographical boundaries. A vegetarian, Kimono is a Rastafarian in the purest form. He is a farmer, fisherman and God-fearing.
Here is his 3rd album “Run Fi Cover” released in 1992.



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