Peterside Ottong - Where Are The Prophets?

I don't really know much about this cat, but the little I know, I will spill. He is dead and released 2 albums in his short career. His debut "Where Are The Prophets" enjoyed a lot of air play back in the day. The second album after a long break "Albatross" (Dedicated to the memory of fellow tribes man Ken Saro Wiwa) did not do too well. They say it's not cool to speak ill of the dead, but I'm not too fond of his style. Argued to be some form of reggae,it sounds to me like a blend of him speaking and whaling! Take a listen and tell me what you think.



  1. Nothing wrong with a little wailing - in fact wailing and reggae go hand in hand: for instance 1. Lamentations of Burning Spear, 2. Sad mood tonight by Gregory Issac, and 3. don't forget Bob Marley and the Wailers!

  2. This song aptly captured the political scenes of then and even now. Aren't the prophets of God silenced now as they were in the days of old? Follow the lyrics and you will fall in love with this song. Better still, watch the video.

  3. Hello friend will make available for download?