Bracket - Least Expected

The Enugu born duo brought together by music at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, really needs no introduction. Nwachukwu Ozioko aka “Vast” and Ali Obumneme aka “Smash” currently form the group Bracket. Though they started off as a trio, they hit the Nigerian music scene with their debut ‘Happy Day’ in 2006. The group used to be a trio with their third member, Amobi Clems, aka “Bistop” who left the group to pursue his academics. Their hit single “Yori Yori” from their sophomore album ‘Least Expected’ was arguably the biggest song in Nigeria for the year 2009, topping charts and scooping several awards.

A perfect blend of mid-tempo beats and a catchy chorus makes the track linger in your head. The song was inspired by a tingling feeling one of them had for his girlfriend back in high school (I go love oh). These guys just concluded a tour of the states and the reviews have been great. Just when you least expect, they come out with a remix featuring 2face, which I must confess is pretty cool. For now, here is their second album “Least Expected”



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  2. There Happy Day song takes me straight back to when I was in South Africa for a summer.


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