Veno Marioghae - Nigeria Go Survive

Back in 1984, when Delta State indigene Veno Marioghae, one of Nigeria’s rising stars dropped her album “Nigeria Go Survive” on Tabansi Records, no one thought that 26 years Nigeria would still be struggling with Economic Woes, Tribal & Religious Conflicts and lack of/deteriorated basic amenities like unresolved Power. Everything has definitely gone down-hill since.

“Nigeria Go Survive”, a disco/pop song detailing Nigeria’s vast human and natural potentials vis a vis the troubled reality, she held strongly that Nigeria would survive the obstacles one way or another. Released in the days when the military was in power and despite the oil wealth, the economy virtually stagnated. The song was quite timely as it was released at a time when the future of Nigeria looked bleak and no one knew what the next day had in stock. With the song, Nigeria go survive, Veno calmed the nerves of many Nigerians who had given up hope on the country. The song also spoke to those who had planned to leave Nigeria, to stay behind and help build the country. It was a very big hit back in the 80s through the 90s and into the 21st Century where a 2010 version by DMSquared featuring J’odie has been released with similar ideologies.

As patriotic as the song might be, many criticized her, for being the mouth piece of the government. Some saw her as a diversion set up by the government, when there were mounting pressures on the government to better the lives of Nigerians.

She had other hit songs like “Thank You Jah” and the Isoko “Iwa Ti Yo”. She would go on to release a 2nd successful album with the hit song “Siobo Nome”. She left the music scene in the early nineties.

She is happily married with 3 children and currently works as an administrative worker in her church – Grace Assembly. She is currently working on album at her own pace and hopes to publish her written work soon.

Here is Nigeria Go Survive...............Enjoy!


  1. OMG! I remember it! Where do you find these!! :D


  2. @ Adiya, lets just say I have over 90GB of just naija songs.

  3. Ites Bro ! I just come to discover your blog which reveal very good african stuff ... Iman very interested on dis ya album but can't find the link - Possible to Up it Again Star ?


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