Dagrin - C.E.O (Cheif Executive Omoita)

This is Dagrin’s sophmore album (C.E.O)Chief Executive Omoita. C.E.O is a dope and neatly constructed album. On the album, DaGrin effectively weaves rags to riches, underdog to top dog stories that can only be well written by someone who has lived such a life. If you are searching through bookshops for Dagrin’s biography, forget it. Your best bet is to listen to these three tracks of the album; “Ghetto Dreams”, “Everyday”, and “Thank God”. These three tracks apart from being metaphorical and highly lyrical are autobiographical in every sense of the word. The MC recalls his days of poverty, hardships, crime and struggles over emotionally laden tracks.

Born Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun, Dagrin was involved in a ghastly motor accident that took his life 8 days later. Listening to this album only makes one wonder, what could have been? This is a certain case of a talent cut short too soon. RIP Dagrin.


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