The Mandators - The Mandators

The Mandators, a reggae duo of Victor Essiet and (then wife) Peggy Essiet, have long been one of Nigeria's best kept secrets. Thrilling stadium crowds of over 80,000 people, their performances were legendary. Add to that, several releases in Africa and the massive LP, "Crisis," which went platinum for sales beyond half a million.
In 1979, The Mandators emerged on the Nigerian music scene with the release of their debut album, "Sunrise." Three years later, The Mandators released "Imagination," an album for which they toured, with a then unknown guitarist named Majek Fashek. After a three year hiatus, The Mandators released "Crisis," which swept the country like wildfire. Released on Polygram/Nigeria label, it was one of the first big commercial hits for African Reggae in Nigeria. Following "Crisis," The Mandators recorded three more records: "Rat Race," "Rebel" and "Storm."
Victor and Peggy split, and not much is known of her at the moment. Victor is currently based here in the states, still doing his thing.


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