Trybesmen - L.A.G Style

Undoubtedly one of the most influential Nigerian Rap group of all time. The Trybesmen took the country by storm. The group consisted of 3 members. Lanre Dabiri aka “eLDee the Don”, Kunle Bello aka “Kaboom the Detonator” and Mfon Essien aka “Freestyle tha Shogun”.

eLDee and Kaboom attended the same high school in Kaduna, a state in the northern part of Nigeria, and started rapping in 1992. They were at it till 1994 when they both relocated to Lagos where they met Freestyle. Freestyle had started rapping only a year before the hook-up but sounded very much like he had been at it for much longer. The hook up was through a friend who thought they had similar styles and felt they needed to do a colabo. At that time, it was all about demos and talent shows. They soon became a trio, and thought to record an album. They recorded two tracks that were well received by the public and this subsequently led to the release of their debut album “L.A.G Style”

The first single "Trybal Marks" was dropped in July 1999 and the second "Shake Bodi" in September of the same year. Both singles made smashing debuts at number one on radio charts and have since become anthems in Nigeria. "Shake Bodi" also received massive airplay and love in South Africa, Ghana and is very popular with most Nigerians living abroad. A record label (Trybe Records) was put together by the group with eLDee as the chief executive officer and has since after the success of the Trybesmen, signed on various artists.

The group members split and pursued solo careers in 2000. I hear there are moves been made for some form of reunion. I hope it works out. Here is there debut “L.A.G Style”, if this does not make you “Shake Bodi” I don’t know what will?!!!



  1. I only hear bout eldee now. wot happened to freestyle and KB?

  2. Lani,
    Freestyle is still very much in the game. He actually dropped some tracks early last year. He had a colabo with T-pain which was not bad at all. I can send you the track if you care to listen to it. As for KB, he has gone AWOL!

  3. oh yeah, i know shake bodi. not much is known about the other two, eldee seems to be the only still active on the music scene