eLDee - Big Boy

Lanre Dabiri aka “eLDee the Don” is undoubtedly one of the notable names in Nigerian music today. A music producer, recording artiste and video director, eLDee a former member of the defunct rap trio Trybesmen, moved to the United States in 2002. He recorded a solo album titled “Long Time Coming” and followed up with “Return of the King” in 2006. “Return of the King” was very well received earning him countless nominations and awards for both videos and songs including the Nigerian Entertainment Award for “Best International Album” and “Hottest single”.

eLDee, though currently living in the United States is a household name both in Nigeria and in the Nigerian communities abroad. He has been featured on numerous international radio stations both in Europe, Asia and in the states.. Back home in Nigeria, the hit music playlist is incomplete without eLDee’s tracks like “I go yarn”, “Champion”, “I’m leaving”, “African Chiquito”, “Bosi Gbangba” and “Big Boy”. eLDee writes and produces most of his music, and owns all rights to his works. His sophomore solo album “Big Boy” was released early 2009.


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