Orits Williki - Tribulation

Orits Wiliki, self-acclaimed Koleman revolutionaire needs no introduction in Nigerian music scene. Ever since he stormed the industry in the mid 80s with his first album entitled, “Tribulation”, Wiliki has gone on to dish out several hits with his unique style of reggae.

Since he went on self imposed sabbatical over twenty years, the music composer, song writer, producer and performer four years ago featured hip-hop artiste, Idris Abdulkareem on the album, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. Presently the dreadlock wearing Rastafarian is coming out with a double, he called, “Double Shark Attack”.

Grand Pupa, as he is fondly called by fans was one of the few artistes that stayed back in Nigeria to face the challenges in the music industry, while his contemporaries scampered abroad for greener pastures.



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