No More Free Music in Naija!!!

Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), the nation’s sole government approved collective management organization for musical works and sound recordings has announced that come October 1, 2010, the era of free music on Nigerian air waves and in public places will be gone forever. The announcement was made by COSON Chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji, at the Boardroom of the society in Lagos during the signing of a royalty collection agreement between COSON and Olusola Adekanola & Co, one of the nation’s foremost indigenous firms of chartered accountants.
The implication of the new regime is that from October 1 all broadcast media organisations, hotels, restaurants, event venues, advertising companies, banks, telecoms establishments, airlines, road transporters, oil companies and such other enterprises in Nigeria which use music in any way to aid their operations will be made to comply with the Copyright Act or face legal consequences

So what happens to 100% Naija? Se na like this we go dey dey?!!!!!!!


  1. its notpossible. with our ibo brothers in town. pirated music cannot be stopped

  2. You can still enjoy singing and praising God, with excellent gospel music freely available at your local church services!

  3. I agree to the removal of free music in Naija or in other places because in my opinion, we should appreciate the work of musicians. I can imagine if the musicians to make songs for a long time ago and the public should be aware of it.

  4. I agree with your post. We should appreciate the work of the artist music. We can appreciate them in a way the original did not buy pirated music. So, they are increasingly motivated to more musical work.


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